Best Disc Golf Basket Reviews

If you want to perfect your putt and approach shots in disc golf, then you definitely need some practice sessions before playing the big game in golf courses. And what better way to do it without having to go to golf courses, when you can practice right in your backyard with a ready to assemble portable disc golf basket. Buying a portable disc golf basket at affordable prices is just a click away with a great variety of brands available in

The following categories of disc golf baskets are ideal to choose from, for your practice sessions. Here is a comparative table of basic details.

DGA M-14 Disc Golf BasketDGA M-14 Disc Golf Basket4.8$$Read Reviews
Innova DISCatcher Traveler TargetInnova DISCatcher Traveler Target 4.9$$Read Reviews
Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf GoalPacific Outdoors Disc Golf Goal5.0$$Read Reviews
DGA M-14 Disc Golf BasketInnova DISCatcher Traveler Target Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf Goal
DGA M-14 Disc Golf BasketInnova DISCatcher Traveler TargetPacific Outdoors Disc Golf Goal
Made inCalifornia, USChinaWashington, US
Dimensions27 x 9 x 27 inches47 x 9 x 9 inches30 x 30 x 8 inches
Weight25 pounds15 pounds40 pounds
Shipping Weight60 pounds17.3 pounds30.125 pounds

 The DGA M-14 Disc Golf Basket

DGA M-14 Disc Golf BasketDisc Golf Association (DGA), US bring the M-14 PDGA approved disc golf baskets which are portable and affordable for your practice needs. Built with galvanized chains and an all metal zinc body, this disc golf basket is sturdy and easy to assemble and tear down.

The 25 pound equipment has 2 poles, a top basket chain holder, a steel basket and a circular base with spokes that are secured in place with spring loaded keys. It needs no tools to set up and fits in your backyard comfortably. The zinc body is sturdy and withstands winter conditions all though the basket is recommended to be stored indoors when not in use. If you want to permanently install this basket, it’s possible to cement the base though that would reduce the height of the basket by few inches. This portable disc golf basket has 3 spring loaded buttons that snaps the basket together to be carried around.

The carrier bag does not come with a handle and it’s ideal to store the disassembled basket in the shipping bag for better portability. The trapper basket has 14 galvanized chains put in place with hooks meant to reduce weight and improve its moving ability. But if that causes the discs to bounce out, then you could probably shell out a few more dollars in a local hardware store and get additional chains fit. Due to the light weight as well as the circular metal base, this disk golf basket can topple in windy areas and is best suited for flat terrains rather than uneven ones. [Read more..]

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Innova DISCatcher Traveler Target

Innova DISCatcher Traveler TargetIf 25 pounds is heavy for you, go for this 15 pound Chinese make, ultra portable golf basket. Available in 3 attractive colours – blue, yellow and red, the basket comes packed in a narrow tube shaped bag and the disassembled unit is the size of a foldable camping chair. Pentagonal shaped that folds like an umbrella, the disc catcher is a quick dry regulation size mesh basket made with a soft fabric that ensures your disc does not fall out of the target. The leg assembly has 4 stakes provided and can stand on uneven terrain also. The one step set up is by just pulling up the center pole and pushing down the leg assembly till you hear a ‘click’ that puts the pole in place. The mechanism is very similar to opening a spring umbrella. The take down is simple as well, with just a pull to release the pin beneath the basket area and the center pole is to be pushed down. Since the basket is a mesh make, it easily folds and can be squeezed inside in the portable tote bag. This product comes with a removable flag fit on top of the pole that ensures you visibility and recognizing the wind direction.

The target basket has 12 chains compared to the 18 chains found in the permanent baskets. This ensures the basket remains light weight. The chain is held by carabineers instead of the’s’ hooks and it’s advisable to check your product on delivery to ensure none of these metal loops are bent or damaged. [Read more..]

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Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf Goal

Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf GoalThe Instep DG200 Frisbee Golf Basket from Pacific Outdoors is a sturdy metal model and comes with 3 free Frisbee discs for putt, approach and long range shots. The pole height can be adjusted to suit 2 settings – beginners and advanced. This 40 pound golf goal is much heavier and not meant to be moved around too often. The metal poles and circular base make sure that the basket is sturdy and does not topple in wind or by forceful shots during practice. The circular frisbee basket comes fitted with 12 chains. If that’s spoiling your practice by letting the frisbee fall out, consider making additional chain attachments. This model is very similar in design and look compared to the DGA M-14 product but comes at a much cheaper price. Compared to other frisbee golf baskets in the market, this model is a lot sturdier and great for backyard practice, if your neighbours don’t object to the noise of frisbee clanking with the chain. The detachable flag is indicative of wind direction and better visibility of the goal.

Pacific outdoors has a huge brand line of equipments and settings and manufacture of these disc golf baskets is not their prime focus. So it is advisable to ensure the product has all the components intact on delivery. But they were one of the earliest manufacturers of such baskets and can give the product at much cheaper rates compared to other brands in market. So if you are looking at cheaper bets to have a family practice session in your own backyard, this product is ideal.

Disc golf/frisbee golf is an accuracy sport and great for a family time or outdoor getaway on a breezy day. With a reputation as both individual as well as competitor sport, it’s an ideal game to play in your own backyard or to make your children detach from their gadgets and get some fresh air. Installing a portable disc golf basket at an affordable price can be a great investment towards a joyful hobby as well as serious tournament pursuits. [Read more..]

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